How else can I use Marigold Bouillon?

Feedback tells us that Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon powder is used in a variety of situations outside the home kitchen. Here’s some suggestions.


Encouraged by celebrity chefs such as Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith – who heartily encourage keeping a supply of this ‘cook’s companion’ in every pantry – more and more Australian caterers and restaurateurs have found how much simpler life can be to have a top quality supply of totally natural bouillon at hand. We have found that fussy chefs who initially scoffed at the idea of using a ready-made bouillon, changed their minds after trying Marigold. It’s a real time-saver in a busy restaurant kitchen.

Detoxing from caffeine

For people wanting to stop drinking coffee or caffeinated tea, Marigold bouillon makes the perfect alternative. In fact it’s been said that Marigold is “probably the most delicious caffeine-free hot drink you’ll ever taste”. Europeans who are familiar with the concept of ‘bouillon’ (and aren’t afraid to say the word), are happy to be able to find such a good quality source of bouillon in health food shops around Australia and New Zealand. Active, healthy people love Marigold, while everyone appreciates its delicious flavour!


As long as you can access boiling water (in a thermos, for instance), it’s a simple matter to have a nourishing hot drink on board any sort of boat. Very comforting after a difficult struggle with wild weather.


Whether you’re a spectator or a player, a hot drink made of Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon powder or cubes, gives everyone a positive attitude to the game. Just the thing for a warming (non-alcoholic) apres ski drink, to take to the football finals on a cold winter’s day, or to produce for the team at half-time at the school basketball match.


In hospital after an operation, or at home recovering from any illness, everyone’s palate gets jaded. The taste of a wholesome hot drink of Marigold is always welcome, even to the fussiest tastebuds. Your friends and relatives will be grateful for a hot drink of Marigold bouillon.

Camping and Travelling

‘Happy campers’ find a teaspoon of bouillon powder – or a cube – in boiling water makes such a nutritious drink! It doesn’t need the addition of sugar and milk. On any trip, it’s easy to take along a supply of the cubes, or the powdered bouillon in a small plastic container.

Please email us and tell us how and where you drink Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon.