Marigold ingredients

A block of good quality tofu
Fresh water: preferably non-chlorinated
Soy sauce: tamari, shoyu, whichever you prefer
Fresh ginger: about one inch, chopped, grated, or sliced finely. At a pinch you can use ½ tsp powdered ginger.
Garlic crushed: one to three cloves depending on taste and whether or not you have a cold
Flaked yeast: NOT baking yeast, Brewers yeast or Torula yeast. Recommend savoury yeast flakes such as Marigold Engevita Savoury Yeast Flakes.
Herbs: fresh or dried, rosemary, thyme, even dried mixed herbs are okay
Olive oil: or any oil for that matter. Macadamia is also good.

In a bowl put enough water to soak your tofu, plus about quarter of a cup of soy sauce, the ginger and the garlic.
Cut tofu into slices. Not too thin otherwise they get too crispy because they shrink, about 8-10 mm thick.
Soak the tofu in the marinade as long as possible, overnight is good.
Next day, take tofu out of marinade (discard the latter or keep it for a sauce) and get a lightly greased/oiled baking dish ready.
Take one slice of tofu from the marinade, sprinkle one side thickly with yeast and place yeast side down at the edge of the tray.
Repeat with all the tofu, lying them side by side till hopefully the tray is full.
Sprinkle with more the yeast on top, covering the tofu in an even layer, so you can’t see any gaps.
Drizzle oil thinly over the tofu, making sure all pieces have a couple of passes with the oil.
Sprinkle a bit more soy sauce/tamari/whatever over all the pieces (not too much).
Sprinkle on the herbs of your choice
Roast on medium heat, start checking them at around half an hour. They should be wet and bubbly, while looking slightly browner. If they look done, as in dark and dry, they are overdone.
Once out of the oven they dry out anyway and cease looking so slimy. Taste even better the following day, if there’s any left.
Serve with rice (brown of course) on which you can sprinkle a little soy sauce and/or mirin and stir fried vegs, steamed bok choy or a salad.
Personally, I like to add a blob or two of yogurt because yeast is rich in B vitamins and protein, so you need some calcium to balance that and yogurt is perfect.
Making a simple cucumber salad: chopped up cucumber in yogurt with a dash of salt and olive oil is perfect.