What the professionals say about Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon

This is without doubt an ingredient that has revolutionised modern cooking. Before Marigold you had to either make your own stock or resort to the dreaded chemically flavoured cube. Fresh stock can now be bought in supermarkets, but it’s expensive. Marigold is made with vegetables and has only pure vegetable flavour, meaning you can have instant stock any time. If there were good ingredient awards, this would win first prize.


Delia Smith

English celebrity chef

Marigold bouillon is something of an institution in the U.K. Every cookery writer in the land, from Jamie to Nigella, refers to it and it is seriously good. It is available in Australia in specialty shops, whole- food shops and delicatessens. Ask for it and more will stock it”. …from ENJOY

Nadine Abensur

Transnational author of 6 vegetarian cookbooks, cooking teacher, London and Byron Bay

“Years ago when I was working in an award-winning restaurant in Sydney, one of the ‘secret’ ingredients we sprinkled into our sauces was a tiny spoonful (the equivalent to about ¼ cube) of vegetable stock.
I was somewhat skeptical of concentrated commercial stock up to this point but had to admit it added terrific background richness to the sauce.
Unfortunately the product became unavailable and until now I’ve never found anything of such high quality to replace it.
However, a recent meeting with local importer, Christobel Munson, changed all that. 
Christobel distributes vegetarian products including Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon, which she gave me to try – and I have to say it’s very good – it has a clean, clear but not overpowering flavour that works in many dishes.I asked Christobel how she used the stock. “In winter especially, to get a real flavour boost in my casseroles, stews, sauces and soups, I always add a spoonful of powdered vegetable stock such as Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon powder,” said Christobel. “In our house, we also use it as a caffeine-free hot drink, since it dissolves instantly in boiling water, and tastes…yum. We call it the magic ingredient!”

Belinda Jeffery

Australian TV food presenter, cook book author, cooking instructor and writer