Marigold’s Bouillon cubes are perfect as a natural enhancer of all soups, stews, casseroles, sauces, savouries, rice and grain dishes and a delicious hot drink.
Brilliantly versatile and full of flavour, Marigold’s bouillon cubes are the natural choice for any kitchen.

Instantly soluble in hot liquid. How convenient!


There are 8 cubes in each 84g pack.
A pack makes a total of 4.5 litres (160 fl oz) of Bouillon.


Sea Salt, Palm Oil (sustainable)*, Vegetables 13.1% (carrot, onion)*, Maltodextrin (from maize)*, Spices (mace, turmeric, bay leaf, white pepper)*, Parsley*, Lovage*. *Organically grown ingredients

Free From

Dairy. Nuts. Soya. Wheat. Yeast. Genetically Modified Organisms, Preservatives. Colouring. Flavouring


* Organically grown ingredients are processed per EC Directive 2092/91 which prohibits the use of GMOs in organic foods. Certified by IMO, Institute for Marketecology, CH-8583 Sulgen-SCES 004.